A very short jam game. Played with keyboard.

Made for Text Only Jam by 8 Bit Infinity. The theme was Dragons & Dungeons. Feel free to make your own interpretation of how the theme fits this game. ;)

As it stands, the game is more of a digital toy than anything else. I wanted to make a lot more interactions, possibly creating puzzles around the concept, but ran out of time.


Known Bugs:

1. Game starts out of focus. Click on the game screen to play.

2. Every "f" should be whistling at the start of the game, but only one does.

3. Sometimes characters turn to "f" when they shouldn't. This makes the game even more confusing...


(they shouldn't turn to "f" unless their on black background)


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I din't like that I had to bring free people into a company! :)) Also had hard time realizing that you need to stay near (not on the letter) to activate it with z... part of the game I guess. :)Mkey!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Yeah, that confusion is something to consider if I ever return to this project. Sorry it took, uh, 99 days to answer. How's Domino House doing?

Hello, well I did manage to get it but took me some time, 99  just like "99 red balloons go by" the song. :) Domino House would be on Steam on late October if all goes well. :)

Hey, that's great! Congratulations on the upcom! :)

Watch Text Only Jam (8 Bits to Infinity) Feedback Part 1/2 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Thanks man! I was happy to see you play it and I appreciate the feedback!

No problem! Hope the feedback is useful. :)

Clever use of sound in this one-- I like the idea of an audio / symbolic puzzle.  Like some of the other reviewers it took me a minute to understand how it worked, but that discovery is also part of the fun!

Thanks! I wanted to have a sense of discovery (which is why I didn't just explain the concept in the beginning of the game), so I'm glad it worked for you!

i love the sound design. kinda creepy in a fun way (the best kind of creepy), didn't end up figuring out what happens at 100%. it's cool as a digital toy, but not enough clues for an end goal if you wanted it to be a game. as a toy, would have liked to see more permutations between different sounds and letters. 

Thank you! I did intend to make more permutations, but ran out of time.

I actually have no sound in my laptop atm but took me about a minute and a half of grabbing letters around and making things go purple and saw 100% and the Congratulations you have experienced all that this game has to offer! I guess what makes this easy is 1 I'm a code breaker by trade and 2 I'm mostly deaf anyways 3 I have solved disarming bomb puzzles before, that being said this was easy to decipher! Thanks for this game I kinda wished there was more letters and boxes and colors to trip me up lols! :D

Thanks! It's very interesting to me that you were able to understand the game without audio! Usually it seems to take people 5-10 minutes to get 100%. Yeah, I wanted to make more content and give more clarity to the concept, but ran out of time as usual.

It was a fun concept! At first I didn't really know what was happening and I still don't really, but I like the sounds, it's very fun! I could see how you maybe could make puzzles out of this, like how you need to make certain words or something but yeah, 

good idea, could use more explanation/content


Thanks! Yeah, the biggest flaw in the game is probably communicating to the player what the concept actually is, and how to play. It's about phonetics (homophones, to be specific). "i" sounds like "eye" and "aye", while "t" sounds like "tea" and "tee". So workers do the job they hear (or sleep if they think they're far enough from their boss). Glad you liked the sounds! Thanks for the feedback!