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A short experimental game where you control a magnetic lamp and a telekinetic eye.


Mouse + Left Click

WASD/Arrow Keys + Ctrl/Space

Made for two jams:

Asymmetrical Jam where the theme was "Two Alternate Dimensions". I also took on the optional challenge to make the game colorblind-friendly.

Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1 where the theme was "Holes".

Tools used:

Game Engine and Graphics: Construct 3

Music: Reaper

SFX: Audacity


Offbeat Dimensions - Windows.zip 78 MB
Offbeat Dimensions - Linux.zip 91 MB
Offbeat Dimensions - Mac.zip 111 MB


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Very interesting game all together, I don't know Construct 3 so I won't worry too much about technical details.

The objective wasn't immediately clear, until I read the controls and pressed space, then it became kind of obvious. However past that point was just sheer luck, much like Blazing Sword Entertainment said, a more clear goal would be great, or even a subtle but easy to understand goal, there is a lot of ways to show a player they are advancing in the puzzle or doing well without a single word, just SFX. Speaking of which I loved the SFX aha, "homemade" impression SFX always win me over though :P

Above all else it was still enjoyable, although I wasn't able to complete it, I found the 5-10 mins playing around interesting and fun, and that's all a game really needs.

FYI I could pull things from 1 dimension to another as well, looks like a bug crept through the cracks.


Thank you for the detailed feedback! Glad you liked the SFX. Yeah, dragging things to another dimension was a bug.


Watch Joshua's Indie Game Showcase 2020-02-23 (Asymmetrical Jam) from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Thanks man! :)


I enjoyed it! Loved the sound FXs.
At first I was pretty lost as to what I was trying to achieve. Without a clear goal I ended up stacking boxes as high as I could and stumbled into the ending without really understanding how I won.  While the mystery of what I was suppose to do was the core of my fun, I think some context would go along way. Something telling me a goal like a opening screen with "Destroy the ..." would help keep my interest without giving away the mystery.  Then when I reached the end I would have a better sense of achievement.

     Interesting split focus, trying to keeping up with the top while not losing a box can be challenging.
     Decent "toy box" trying to mix the elements on top let me feel pretty creative.


     Lack of a clear Goal.
      No exit functionality after completing game.

All in all it was fun! Great job.

Wow, thank you for the detailed feedback! Glad you liked it. Adding a clear goal is a good suggestion.


Cool...does it have a final? All i managed to do is make checkerboard squares then i tied placing them in the fire but they keep fling off the screen! :)) 

Would be cool to have something made on the top part that you can use then on the bottom!:)

Thanks for the feedback! You shouldn't be able to (directly) drag items from the white area to the black one - if you can, that's a bug. The game does have an ending, it's pretty short, too. :)