A minimalist puzzle game where you place road pieces on a grid to make a path.

Made for Shape Jam II: Art Edition ~ Part 1 by 8 Bits to Infinity: https://itch.io/jam/shape-jam-ii-part-1 

The theme of the jam was "connections".

The graphics and audio are meant to be made by other people in Part 2. That's the reason for the "visual style" and lack of audio.


* 10 Levels

* Dragging road pieces on a grid

* Cars giving birth to each other to check if the roads are safe (just like in real life)

* Horrible graphics

* A bug that appears once in a full moon that might fail your game even with a correct solution. If this happens, there's probably another solution that doesn't have the bug.^

Doesn't feature (but should):

* Undo button

* Level selection

* Saving your progress

The project file and modding instructions are meant for people in Part 2 of the jam.

The browser version might lag, I recommend downloading a desktop version.

I'm unable to test Linux and Mac versions myself. I hope they work!

^Further information on the bug: Sometimes a car goes all "I'm an individual!" and refuses to breed so it goes through its life cycle without having children who'd test other roads so we never find out if all the roads are safe or not.


Traffic Designer - Windows.zip 77 MB
Traffic Designer - Linux.zip 78 MB
Traffic Designer - Mac.zip 106 MB
Construct 3 Project File - Traffic Designer.c3p 962 kB
Traffic Designer - Modding Instructions.odt 1,007 kB


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Watch Shape Jam II: Art Edition (Week 1) Feedback | !jam from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Good pointers, thanks! Using different colors for the cars is a good idea.

Nicely done game!  It was very clear how to play, and very fast too (I like that in a puzzle game).  No complaints!

Thanks! Glad it was clear to play since my Text-Only jam game was so confusing to everyone! :D